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Anxiety is something that we all experience at times in our lives and can be for a whole number of reasons.

Depending on what those feelings are, how long they last for and how strong those feelings are, may lead you to being diagnosed by your GP with a specific anxiety disorder. There are many types of anxiety such as: Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Panic disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder.

The sorts of feelings that you are experiencing may differ from someone else and if you experience strong feelings of anxiety or feelings that last a long time it can become draining.  Some people may only suffer from these symptoms leading up to a specific event such as making a public speech, driving test or GCSEs, A Levels or other academic exams and others, experience these feelings as part of their everyday life.

“I can help you to find out the cause of the problem and more importantly, teach you some coping strategies too.”

By using hypnotherapy, I can help to reduce the feelings of anxiety, explore the root of the problem and help you change your thoughts and feelings associated with it. It can help boost your confidence and self-esteem, help to reduce feelings of fear and worries and allow you to develop the ability to remain calm and in control whenever you need to.

Panic attacks and Panic Disorders

A panic attack is when your body responds to something it fears in a very intense way. They can be frightening for both you and anyone around you and may last for anything from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. As there is no physical threat, they are not harmful but can be very distressing.

Some people may only ever experience a panic attack suddenly or during a particularly stressful time in their life, whereas others may have a panic disorder, in which panic attacks and intense anxiety are a common occurrence.

Some common symptoms may include:

Fast heartbeat, thumping heart (or palpitations), feeling sick, sweating, chest pain or tightness, shortness of breath, feeling dizzy or as you are ‘not there.’ These feelings can be very frightening, particularly if it’s for the first time or happening lots of times.

How can it be treated?

Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety and panic attacks / disorders. I can help you increase your self-belief and confidence, as well as helping you to control the fears and worries that you may have. This will allow you to feel calmer and more in control of your emotions. During the hypnotherapy sessions I can teach you breathing techniques, use visualisation and relaxation techniques and make some direct suggestions to your subconscious that are tailored to your needs; what is causing your panic attacks and why, and helping you to change the way that your body responds to triggers.

Relaxation is central to hypnotherapy. Panic attacks can often cause, or make worse feelings of anxiety, as you fear the next attack because you don’t know when it’s going to happen. Hypnotherapy for anxiety can reduce your overall stress and worry, this will ensure that you remain in control and can respond appropriately when you feel a panic attack coming on and lower your risk of having another one.

Test Anxiety Hypnotherapy Torbay

Exam Stress (including Driving Test Exam)

We all know (or remember) those feelings when having to sit an exam or test. The lead-up over the weeks beforehand, the butterflies, sweaty hands, racing heart, feeling sick and terrified that you won’t remember everything you’ve learnt. If you don’t know how to cope with these feelings, then a cycle of strong emotions begins.

Feeling anxious or stressed is a natural emotion for most people before an exam however, some people find these feelings overwhelming and if they become too strong, they can threaten your performance and prevent you from performing as well as you should do. It doesn’t matter how much revision you have done or practised your skills, there is still that feeling of panic.

“In order to be successful, you need to be calm, relaxed, confident and focused whilst studying and taking exams”

In order to do this, I can help you to access this state of mind by teaching you new ways of thinking.  I can help to boost your confidence and reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety that you may be experiencing. I do this by using visualisation techniques and the power of suggestion.  This will allow you to picture yourself approaching the exam in a calm and focused way. Hypnotherapy will allow you to recall the information with ease, as you know that you can do it.

Performance Anxiety

As a musician myself, I understand very well the pressures of performing. The thought of giving that presentation or performance can range from mild anxiety for the few days beforehand to complete panic and ‘stage fright’ on the day. These emotions are often because our fear is based embarrassment, professional competence or a strong demand to be accepted or liked.

Hypnotherapy can be very effective for Performance anxiety. By allowing yourself to be completely calm and focused during the session, I can help you face your fear and desensitise you which allows you to face the situation more calmly and reasonably. I may also ask you to use a form of visualisation and teach you breathing techniques, all of which, allows you to remain in control and perform the very best that you can.

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