Hypnotherapy process


What is hypnotherapy?

It is a form of therapy that allows a patient to change their thoughts, feelings and behaviours through the power of positive suggestions using their subconscious mind.

It alters your state of consciousness in a way that allows the conscious and critical part of the mind to relax whilst allowing the subconscious part of your mind to be focused and stimulated.

What can hypnotherapy be used for?

It is commonly used to help with breaking habits such as nail biting, helping with stress related problems, anxiety, fears and phobias as well as lots of medical conditions (a GP diagnosis may be needed)

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

If you know how it feels to be totally focused on a film, that feeling of arriving somewhere but you don’t remember how you got there or just day dreaming –then you have been in a trance.

You are able to hear and sense things around you but, usually your eyes are closed and you are comfortably relaxed (although you are able to talk, itch or move yourself if you need to.) You may notice that your breathing slows down and that most of your muscles become really relaxed. The feeling is similar to having just woken up when you can’t be bothered to move!

Can you make me act like a chicken?

No! You cannot be hypnotised against your will and even if you are hypnotised, your subconscious mind will reject any ideas that it doesn’t like.

Is it safe?

100%. You cannot be hypnotised against your will and your subconscious mind will reject any ideas that it doesn’t like.

What if I don’t ‘wake up’?

As you are not asleep (just very deeply relaxed) you will return to your normal waking state at the end of the session without any problems.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

The majority of people can be hypnotised but some are more open to suggestions than others. If you are sceptical or not 100% committed with an open mind, then your subconscious may resist thus making it more difficult.

It may take 1 or 2 sessions until you feel able to completely relax during the session, as with most skills, it gets easier with practise!

What happens during the first hypnotherapy session?

I will meet with you for an initial consultation (about 20 minutes.) During this time I will ask you some key questions to help me understand why you have come to see me and and how I can help you. I will ask for some background information about you, such as your lifestyle, medical history, medication that you may be taking and other treatments that you may have tried and whether they have been successful or unsuccessful. Then I will explain what hypnotherapy is, how it works and give you a chance to ask any questions.

You then have the choice to go away and think about it or, to start making positive changes straight away.

If you decide to go ahead immediately, I will then guide you into a hypnotic trance and then begin to help you make changes using the techniques and approaches that we have already discussed to help you work towards your goal.

I will bring you back to normal wakefulness and give you time for any questions that you may have.

How long does a session last?

I allow up to an hour and a half per session although Stop Smoking can be done in 2 single hour sessions.

How often will I need a session?

This will be discussed when we meet for your initial consultation and we will decide together. It may be weekly to begin with, and then depending on your progress and how you feel, you may decide to come more (or less) frequently.

Is hypnotherapy suitable for children?

Absolutely! Children respond really well to hypnotherapy as they have highly imaginative minds and are very practised at day dreaming! I can help with lots of childhood issues such as exam nerves, sleep problems, bed wetting, fears and phobias and low self-esteem.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on what the reason is that you are for coming for hypnotherapy. If it’s for Stop Smoking for example, it may be 1 or 2 sessions (up to 2 hours) if it is for a more complex issue then it may involve several weekly sessions. This will be discussed at your initial consultation.

How much will it cost?

Every session starts with a free consultation, which lasts up to 20 mins. Following that sessions are £40.00 per hour.

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