Hypnosis for quitting smoking

Stopping Smoking


For people who really want to give up smoking or vaping. There is a one session ‘stop smoking’, although some people find that it is better spread over two sessions.

My aim is to give you the power and tools to enable you to take control of your smoking addiction.

If you are thinking about stopping smoking – ask yourself ‘Who am I doing this for?’ If the answer isn’t ‘for me’ then maybe now isn’t the right time. Using hypnotherapy for smoking has been found to be the most effective when a person really wants to quit for themselves, not for someone else.

Hypnotherapy can help you by breaking the negative thought and behaviours that are associated with smoking. This might be your ‘first one of the day’ whilst waiting for the kettle to boil or smoking whilst enjoying a drink socially.

quitting smoking with Hypnotherapy
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